How to find the right island?
You need good consulting. Before continuously surf the internet for hours and watch countless islands and still keep looking because the next still could be even better, give me a call. I have visited 40 resorts personally and I am happy to assist you to find your own dream island.

Why are the Maldives so special?
Who tells of his Maldives vacation, those eyes light up inevitably. It is a combination of many components - the natural beauty above and below water, the warm hospitality, the quiet – only in a few places in the world the recovery factor is higher than on the small little islands in the Indian Ocean. To really understand why so many people are infected with the "Maldivian Fever", one must have been there. "Big journeys must be felt, not told."

What are the unique selling points of Maldives Bucher GmbH?
I offer in cooperation with local partners, good advice with an extensive, deep knowledge and personal service before, during and after the trip, high flexibility, competitive prices in the Swiss market, excellent relationships at various resorts and absolute discretion.

Is it recommendable in summer - during the rainy season - to travel to the Maldives?
The most asked question by customers affects the weather of course. Yes, you can certainly fly to the Maldives during the summer holidays. The weather is crazy all over the world, even in the Maldives. Since 2-3 years, it is unpredictable and no longer holds itself to the long-term statistics, the Maldivians themselves give no reliable forecasts anymore.

Our personal experience has shown that while it is mostly cloudy in July, but real rainy days you could count in the past 3 years on one hand, usually there was a heavy shower sometimes, but after half an hour it was all over. Another positive side effect is that it is much cheaper in the summer, because then it is off season.
The worst weather we had in April / May as it can be rainy and stormy, as there is the change of the monsoon. Also, in 2012 in November / December there were many rainy days.

Is not it boring in the Maldives?
This prejudice is number one - and the answer is NO.It's always interesting when customers - which were very skeptical of boredom on the island before their holiday- come back and tell what a stress they had on the island with all the activities. ☺

Of course, the Maldives is no destination where you can indulge in the nightlife, the offer of evening entertainment varies on the different islands. There are crab racing, slide shows, disco nights, live bands, cultural performances like Bodu Beru drums & dance, film screenings on the beach just to name a few. Many resorts offer scuba diving and snorkeling along with several other daytime activities such as cooking classes, cocktail mixing, tours and not forgetting the many sports facilities such as tennis, volleyball and water sports. More frequently guests can also participate in environmental protection programs and learn about marine biology.

How long to stay in the Maldives?
European guests stay an average of 10 days. You can also go for only 6 days or even 23 or whatever suites your taste. If you stay longer, you can also combine 2 islands.

Beach vs. Water Villa?
It's up to you! Who prefer to feel the sand between your feet and direct access to the beach or prefer to look over the sea and rise from the terrace directly into the cool water?
The water villas offer a very special experience regarding accommodation and have revolutionized the tourism in the Maldives in the beginning of the 90's, you have asked yourself why you did not come earlier to the idea of ​​building accommodation over the water. The water villas are indeed more expensive but guarantees "mosquito-free."

European guests prefer the beach villas while the Japanese are always in the water villa and the new tourism nation number 1, the Chinese, try both, 2 nights at sea and 2 nights and on land. If you do not mind the room change, you can try the same to find your very personal preference.

Which meal plan should be adopted, half board, full board or all inclusive?
Basically halfboard (breakfast & dinner) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is sufficient. Then all drinks would be additional. If necessary, you can also have a light snack for lunch (salad, sandwich, etc.) if you feel hungry.
All Inclusive is recommended if you don’t want to worry about beverage costs on the island. But ATTENTION: Depending on the Resort only selective cocktails, wine (eg, a simple house wine), beer, etc. are included in the AI ​​plan.  
Also note, that 5 * resorts usually do not offer all inclusive mealplan.
It is also very different depending on the resort, whether you can eat in all the restaurants with the booked meal plan, the so-called "Dine Around". In most cases, it applies only to the main restaurant, in the à la carte restaurants you are sometimes given a credit over a certain amount, the rest is paid in addition or there are foods that are included in the booked meal plan and others need to be paid additionally. Also, there are resorts where you have to pay 100% in the à la carte restaurants.

Can we travel with kids to the Maldives?
Children are very welcomed guests in the Maldives, there are only a few resorts where children are not allowed. Most 5 * resorts offer great kids club's; ideal to leave the children for 2 hours whilst going to a relaxing Spa treatment or on an excursion. The programs at the kids club are very varied and age appropriate, children can have fun and learn a lot about the local way of life.Do we need a visa for the Maldives?No, all the tourists get a 30-day tourist visa upon arrival. The passport must be valid for 6 months after your return date.

Best Resort?
I am often asked – especially by Maldivians - which is my personal favorite island…
This is not so easy to answer, as each resort has its own signature in terms of style, ambiance, style, quality of beach, reef, service, etc. Actually, each island is beautiful in itself and one should not compare two resorts with each other! Whenever I visit a new island, I take it with a true "business" and also a "private" eye. Some of my personal favorite islands are Anantara Kihavah Villas, Kanuhura, Madoogali, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Gili Lankanfushi and
Huvafen Fushi .