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Sunya Bucher
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CH-5242 Lupfig
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Terms & Conditions

1. Contract
1.1. Contract
Your written, telephone or personal booking establishes a legal contract between you and MaledivenBucher GmbH.
1.2. Services
Our services are valid from the airport in Male and transfer to your resort and back, and stay on the island.

2. Payment
When booking a deposit payment of 30% of the total amount is required. The remaining cash will be up to 60 days before departure, for last minute bookings the whole amount had to be paid with immidiate effect. Payment must be made in Swiss francs by bank transfer or deposit slip, credit cards are not accepted. All bank charges are at the expense of the customer. Upon receipt of the payment you will receive your travel documents. If your payment is not on time, MaledivenBucher GmbH is entitled to refuse  
any travel services and to charge you the costs incurred.

3. Cancellation Policy
In case of cancellation of your hand, the following rules apply:
- At least 60 days before departure CHF 200.-per order
- 0 - 60 days before departure 100%

4. Insurance
If you are unable to travel for any reason or need to prematurely abort your trip (illness, death), MaledivenBucher GmbH cannot refund costs for unused performance. We therefore strongly recommend the connection of a cancellation-/return-journey insurance.

5. Customer requests
Special requests are gladly accepted and considered if possible, but cannot be guaranteed in any case.

6. Travel Documents
You are responsible for the necessary travel documents. Swiss citizens and also citizens of Germany and Austria do not need a visa, you will receive a 30-day tourist visa on arrival. The passport must be valid at least 6 months beyond the return date. MaledivenBucher GmbH assumes no liability for denial of entry due to invalid travel documents.

7. Liability
7.1. Delays and cancellations by the airline
For any irregularities caused by the airline of your long-distance flight, your booking office or the airline directly is contract party. Please inform MaledivenBucher GmbH promptly so that your journey and your stay can be coordinated. There can be no claims against MaledivenBucher GmbH for damages or costs (such as, for example not used hotel accommodation for delayed-ended arrival, lost wages, additional hotel nights, meals, etc.) which are caused by the airline.
7.2. Locally booked trips / events / activities
Your resort offers a variety of excursions such as sunset fishing, dolphin safaris, etc., and a wide range of sporting activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, etc. Note that only apply its provisions. MaledivenBucher GmbH shall not be liable for trips, events or sports activities that you book at the resort.
7.3. Transfer by seaplane
The transfer from Male airport to your holiday island and back is organized by the respective resort. Please expect to wait at times, as often for environmental purposes, transfers out together. It can also occur that are expected by weather-related influences with delays has what MaledivenBucher GmbH has no control.
7.4. Unforeseen events
MaledivenBucher GmbH cannot be subject to force majeure such as natural disasters, epidemics, war, riots, terrorism.