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The people of the Maldives are a very hospitable people, their genuine friendliness and polite courtesy impressed foreign visitors and over again.
The Maldivians are a maritime nation, they live on the sea, for the sea and through the sea - it's not surprising for a country whose territory is to 99.5% water!
The population is scattered throughout the 220 ​​islands, but still holds together firmly. What links them is a very independent, homogeneous culture, together with a common language, Dhivehi, a Sinhalese language with the related, also from Arabic and Hindi has derived words. As was written in the 18th century Thaana by a Semitic right-to-left text with 24 characters.

Music and dance
Bodu Beru
is originally from East Africa and is probably the best known and most performed dance and very popular with young and old. Traditionally, a man of the troupe, which consists of three drummers, a lead singer and a chorus of 10-15 men. The songs range from the mood and the rhythm. Most start slowly and build up the pace. One to three dancers from the group begin to dance while the song is slowly increasing. The dancers fling their arms and legs and weigh around to the beat when the song reaches its climax.
Bandiyaa Jehun is a traditional dance that is performed only by women. The dancers are accompanied by a small band consisting of singers and musicians with drums and harmonica. The women swing their body while they beat to the rhythm of the music on your metal water pots.