A virtual trip to the Maldives

The Maldives are unique in every aspect and not comparable with any other destination. Regular awards such as "leading destination in the Indian Ocean", "The world's leading diving destination" or "Best Island Destination" confirm again and again. Discover the Maldives - videos below will give you - if you've never been there - a first, albeit virtual impression. And if you already know the Maldives, you reminisce ...

Maldivian Air Taxi

One of the first surprises upon arrival in the Maldives, is that even the international airport is an island. The landing is spectacular! Another special feature is that the pilots of the air taxis fly their aircraft in shorts and barefoot. The breathtaking views of the islands from the air and the feeling of landing on the water will always be remembered.

Resorts Highlights

Surrounded by the already-given, natural beauty each resort also has its own ambiance, style and concept. Gone are the days when you only went to the Maldives for diving, nowadays the resorts provide lifestyle, gastronomy and wellness at a high standard. It is also amazing how different two resorts can be, the more important is a good counseling. Leave nothing to chance and plan your favorite time of the year with MaledivenBucher GmbH.


In the waters of the Maldives are the true miracles of nature hidden; a wonderful coral garden with an unbelievable variety of flora and fauna. Snorkeling is the easiest way to gain an insight into this amazing underwater world.

Sharks & Rays

Actually, you do not even get into the 28 degree warm water to experience a glimpse into the underwater paradise. The bridges over the water, called jetties, provide the best platform and lookout to watch amongst others sharks and stingrays.


Culinary Experience

Whether Classic, Deluxe or Exclusive Resorts, the islands have become a very varied, international cuisine. In addition to the main restaurant mainly provide first-class resorts in the upper price segment theme and specialty restaurants for culinary delights and treat.

Spa Inspirations

The spas in the Maldives offer a variety of massages, beauty treatments, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic treatments and partial guarantee pure relaxation. In many places the already beautiful tropical spa facilities have been expanded with fitness centers, yoga offerings, steam and sauna rooms. Have you ever observed fishes while you were kneaded the back?


Sports & Activities

Boredom in the Maldives? Not at all! Many resorts offer a wide range of sports facilities - whether by sea or on land.

Do you want more?

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